Buy Some Suds!

Hey there friends! I’m updating this page. Please check out my Etsy site while I get this page tickity-boo!  You’ll find even MORE of my beautiful, handcrafted soaps there ❤️

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Dante                Van Gogh                   thicket2

Dante $90/loaf (9 bars)           Van Gogh $90/loaf  (9 bars)         Thicket $90/loaf (9 bars)  

Sound Puddle               Citrus Splash                   Pulled Taffy

Sound Puddle $90/loaf           Citrus Splash $90/loaf                Pulled Taffy $90/loaf (9 bars)

soft_spot              Tangerine Tangent                    zebrephant

Soft Spot $90/loaf                 Tangerine Tangent $90/loaf       Zebrephant $125/loaf (12 bars)


lavender_sage1               orange_mint1

Lavender/Sage $125/loaf      Orange/Mint $125/loaf


We offer our beautiful bars by the loaf and are happy to make custom loaves to tickle your fancy and float your boat…like REALLY float it <3

Free-form loaves work out to 9 bars and structured loaves work out to 10 to 12 bars, depending on how thick you want your bars cut.  Please take a look at our Made to Order Loaves page to see how it all works.

We also sell individual bars at specialty craft markets throughout the year and will keep you posted around which markets are upcoming.  Or you can find a little Chateau Badeau eye candy  at Dr. Vigari Gallery on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC.

If you have any special requests, or would like to know which individual bars we have on hand, please feel free to contact Felix-Marie at or fill out the contact us form.