I’ve been fascinated for years by the Turkish art of Ebru and have thought plenty about how it can be incorporated into soap making.

Ebru is an incredible technique where ink is floated on the surface of water and then manipulated to make beautiful designs. So I wondered if I could “float” a more fluid soap on top of a layer of soap batter and do the same thing. Well I guess I can ;0)


Hello Spring!

It’s been a long winter here in Vancouver!  We’ve had more snow this winter than we have in years and, well, we’re just kind of feeling a little sorry for ourselves aren’t we? So what better way is there to cheer ourselves up and welcome spring back than to look at all of the pretty […]

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Summer Break

We’ve been super busy this Spring and have had a great start to the Summer.  We hope you have too! We’re going to be taking a short break to go on a staycation in our beautiful city of Vancouver. We look forward to seeing you in mid September when we promise to have some beautiful […]

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