This is what we do…

And what we do is special! We make soap and each bar of our soap is a handcrafted work of art!

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We make some of the most beautiful artisan soap IN-THE-WORLD! But beauty isn’t everything.    

Everything we do is done with care for your skin, the environment, and respect for animals in the forefront of our minds. We use herbs from our own gardens and from across the sea. We use clays from around the world and essential oils that are made locally and abroad.  We work with local suppliers to support our community economy and grind and infuse our botanicals ourselves to achieve the beautiful colours and designs you find in our bars.

  In a nutshell we are an artisan soap shop specializing in small batch vegetarian soaps made with the finest, natural ingredients in the city. We LOVE to love your body and, as creepy as that sounds, we take nourishing your skin seriously!